Our Story

Our Story

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HUS was founded in 1996 on Gerhard and Elize’s passion for kitchen design and manufacturing and has since grown into an esteemed business in South Africa, specialising in quality, handcrafted kitchens, bedrooms, bathrooms, living rooms, home offices, and any space in and around your home.

As seen in the HUS Living Spaces showroom in Pretoria and factory in Hartebeespoort, the Fourie family has demonstrated their commitment to service excellence, quality in manufacturing standards, and inventive solutions that are tailored to each client’s exact specifications.

With HUS Living Spaces’ tremendous expansion in recent years, they have managed to preserve their successful operation centred around core family values.

Gerhard and Elize, with their sons, work side-by-side with more than 60 skilled and passionate colleagues daily – ensuring each client experiences elegant design, quality craftsmanship and innovative functionality that is uniquely customised to compliment, showcase, and enhance their lifestyle.

Our Design Philosophy

At Hus Living Spaces, we believe that your space is as unique as your lifestyle.

Our HUS Living Space design philosophy stems from the owners’ passion and appreciation of functionality, simplicityand style – optimising each space that speaks to their client’s distinct taste and lifestyle.

Passion, combined with our dedication, expert craftsmanship, quality materials and personal touch from design to installation, engrains each tailor-made cabinet, worktop, closet and built-in unit with HUS’ signature elegance, quality, and innovation.

HUS - Our Story - Elegant Design
Elegant Design

Creating beautiful, stylish designs characterised by minimalism and intuitiveness while preserving precision with ingenious form.

HUS - Our Story - Uniquely Customised
Uniquely Customised

Understanding your individual space needs, aesthetics, and how you will interact with your space directs us to create a personalised design and piece that perfectly complements you and your lifestyle. 

HUS - Our Story - Quality Craftsmanship
Quality Craftsmanship

Supplying best value and quality with each piece. We purchase only from registered and respected vendors to provide exquisite quality stone, wood, steelwork, melamine and glass that brings elegant attributes to our designs. As well as innovative fixtures and accessories for contemporary functionality. All SABS-approved.

HUS - Our Story - Innovative Functionality
Innovative Functionality

Innovative functionality makes each HUS creation work for you – enhancing your everyday tasks and the overall experience within your space. Our approach is to configure and adapt each design, high-tech product and fitting in a manner that serves the flow of your lifestyle.

Meet the team

HUS - Our Story - Founding Partners
Elize & Gerhard Fourie
HUS - Our Story - Manager - Ockert Fourie
Ockert Fourie
HUS - Our Story - Manager - Gerhard Jnr Fourie
Gerhard Fourie Jnr.

Our Designer

Meet our expert designer, who will masterfully conceptualise the perfect space for you.
HUS - Our Story - Designer - Mandy Hanekom
Mandy Hanekom

“Great design should be experienced and not only seen”

Contact HUS to create your uniquely customised space through elegant design, quality craftsmanship, and innovative functionality.

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