HUS Inspirations - bathroom mirror, lighting and basin
HUS Inspirations - kitchen design with Feelwood Tobacco cabinets and Airy Concrete countertop.
HUS Inspirations - closet design with an open shelf unit, powder-coated Modular BIC system, Sahara Doors and colour blackened bronze handles.

Handcrafted Unique Spaces

Your living environment’s physical design engages all your senses, carrying a prominent influence on the body and mind – ultimately setting the scene for how you experience life. 

HUS’s expert designers will assist you in finding the ideal match or meaningful experience you want to enjoy within your uniquely customised space through elegant design, quality craftsmanship and innovative functionality.

Our design ideas and inspirations give you a glimpse of the exciting possibilities when exploring the vision for your space.

{ Tactile texture } .

The material quality of the surface that is perceptible through physical touch.

Whether you prefer a beautiful earthy grain or lustrous smoothness underneath your fingertips – we have a variety of quality materials you can choose from.

HUS Inspirations - Tactile Texture - Stone


Superior grade stone is available in a wide range of materials, colours and treatments. Our strong and durable stone will become a centrepiece in your space.

HUS Inspirations - Tactile Texture - Steel


In-house powder-coated slack steel detailing showcases functionality and rustic simplicity – organising your space to serve your lifestyle and aesthetic needs.

HUS Inspirations - Tactile Texture - Wood


Get the authentic look and feel of sawn timber with our variety of feelwood products. This specialised laminate is perfect for pieces with luxurious texture and durable quality.

{ Colour Schemes } .

The foundation by which the space’s colours are chosen and paired.

Colours are an essential visual language through which your space can communicate your unique style and create a special atmosphere within the room.

HUS Inspirations - Colour Schemes - Cool Colours

Cool Colours

Underlying cool colours within your cabinetry’s material complements a calming space and makes your room feel more spacious. Colours like blue, green, and purple harmonise your environment while creating depth.

HUS Inspirations - Colour Schemes - Neutral Tones

Neutral Tones

Neutral tones within your worktop’s stone create a clean and earthy feel. They are an excellent option if you regularly change your colour focal points since neutral colours are the perfect canvas for whatever pop of colour or texture you want to celebrate.

HUS Inspirations - Colour Schemes - Warm Colours

Warm Colours

Warm colours, including orange, red and yellow, form the perception of warmth or comfort. If you want to make your space more intimate, wood units with warm undertones will help you create that experience.

{ Lightscapes } .

– An illuminated environment where the arrangement of light is used to highlight or subdue features within the space.

Using lighting as your cabinetry’s “jewellery” will give it a unique elegance and mood. Our designers will assist in creating a flawless arrangement between functional and ambient light to illuminate your HUS features with an alluring yet practical adornment.

HUS Inspirations - Lightscapes - Shelf lighting


HUS Inspirations - Lightscapes - Countertop lighting
HUS Inspirations - Lightscapes - Cupboard lighting

{ Function } .

– Practical use or purpose in design.

HUS uses the finest quality fixtures specifically designed to enhance how you experience your space through elegant motion when interacting with your installed designs and ingenious layouts that perfectly fit your functional necessities.

HUS Inspirations - Function - Effortless Drawer Systems

Effortless Drawer

HUS Inspirations - Function - Soft-Close Hinges


HUS Inspirations - Function - Innovative Lift-Up Mechanisms

Innovative Lift-Up

Contact HUS to create your uniquely customised space through elegant design, quality craftsmanship, and innovative functionality.

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