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Handcrafted Unique Spaces

Your living environment’s physical design engages all your senses, carrying a prominent influence on the body and mind – ultimately setting the scene for how you experience life. 

HUS’s expert designers will assist you in finding the ideal match or meaningful experience you want to enjoy within your uniquely customised space through elegant design, quality craftsmanship and innovative functionality.

Our portfolio give you a glimpse of the exciting possibilities when exploring the vision for your space.


Discover modern luxury in our Sandton project designed for the Cooley family.

This sleek kitchen showcases a perfect blend of black and wood tones, creating an inviting and stylish atmosphere.


Step into the exceptional world of the Serfontein Family.

HUS Living Space has crafted unique modern spaces from the heart of the home in the kitchen to the living areas, built-in cupboards, vanities, and entertainment spaces, every detail is meticulously designed and manufactured by HUS Living Space.


Welcome to Unit One at THE OCTAVE, where HUS Living Space has left its signature mark on luxurious living

Our expert designers have meticulously crafted the living area, built-in cupboards, vanities, and home office to redefine the concept of contemporary elegance. Step into a space where functionality meets style, as every detail reflects the unparalleled craftsmanship of HUS setting a new standard for modern living.

Contact HUS to create your uniquely customised space through elegant design, quality craftsmanship, and innovative functionality.

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